"You can talk about transformation but you're either transforming or on the sidelines falling behind. Don't think about how to survive but what will it take to thrive."




Leading The Industry


leading the digital banking revolution

President and CEO

Peter was the 8th employee when ING DIRECT started a revolution in banking in Canada. He has experienced transformation many times and delivered multiple innovations to the banking sector in Canada and the US. As CEO of ING DIRECT (later named Tangerine), and advisor to several businesses in Canada, Peter continues to experience firsthand the three pillars of transformation he speaks about: leadership, innovation and diversity.


Leading the fintech, startup, and non-profit spaces

Advisor and Board Member 

Peter advises Every, Troupe, Mesh and Senso, all fintech startups that have been created with the help of his leadership as executive-in-residence at TribalScale’s Fintech Venture Studio. He also advises NestReady, a Canadian innovator that is transforming the home buying experience. He co-founded eQuo, a central networking hub whose mission it is to help start 1000 ten million dollar companies in Ontario. As board member of Sinai Health Systems Foundation and UNITY Charity, Peter’s leadership helps move the needle in the non-profit world.


Leading NATIONALLY and worldwide


As member and spokesperson for the Council of Governors of i-Canada, he is dedicated to helping Canada become a world leading “intelligent nation.”

Whether you are a startup or a big business, you will face change. So you either buckle up and be in the driver seat of your transformation or be left on the side of road.
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Speaking on Business Transformation

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The leadership style of 20 years ago is no longer relevant. Today we must embrace trust, vulnerability, transparency and purpose as pillars of strong leadership.

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If you think innovation is about technology you’re excluding 50% of the room. To innovate, you must collaborate.

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There is no doubt that diversity positively impacts the bottom line. It is a business tool that requires your focus now.

Peter Aceto is a globally recognized speaker and a change agent for leadership. Peter’s goal is to transform three specific areas of thinking in business: leadership, innovation and diversity. His passion is to help leaders tap into an unconventional thinking that helps them not only survive, but thrive. Peter has delivered over 100 local and international keynotes during his tenure as CEO of Tangerine/ING DIRECT, as author of his bestseller book Weology and as invited guest to various business schools across Canada. Aside from his keynotes, Peter has shared the stage with Arianna Huffington, James Comey, Simon Sinek, Daniel Pink, Tony Hsieh,  and Richard Branson, to name a few.





Peter arms organizations with the proof and the know how to move past the buzz and trends of what is a transformational time, to the unconventional thinking businesses need to survive and thrive. He has delivered over 100 keynotes on topics related to leadership, innovation, corporate culture and diversity.

I’ve always loved connecting with people. By being transparent, authentic, empathic and truly wishing to help others succeed, I have enjoyed watching many leaders thrive.
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Writing On Transformational Leadership


Best Selling Author


how everybody wins when we comes before me

Peter hopes to inspire unconventional thinking that transforms business. He does so through his writing. His bestselling book Weology: How Everybody Wins When We Comes Before Me introduces the world to the type of leadership that creates sustainably successful business. Whether as CEO of Tangerine or as advisor to Canadian startups, Peter inspires an inclusive, transparent and trustworthy leadership. In Weology, Peter explains the “people-first” leadership strategies that have made Tangerine such a popular bank with Canadians.

Everything that matters in a business is related to the management of its people.


Thought Leadership


Peter regularly contributes his thought leadership on LinkedIn, as well as The Globe and Mail’s Leadership Lab, and Huffington Post.

Leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. I’ve learned from the great successes and failures of many leaders, mentors and my own colorful experiences.
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